Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday Bread Ramblings

Hello, from a wet, grey, Sunday afternoon.

What is it about wet days when you're not working that make you want to get back in the bakery and make comforting hot warm bread. After all it IS my one day off!?

Something not right about that I tell myself but still my thoughts are wandering to carbs. SO to put out that fire and protect my waistline I thought I would put down in words my baking yearnings rather than act upon them!

My latest bakery experiments turn towards grains and LOTS of them. I am eagerly awaiting the documentary The Grain Divide ( a documentary about how our wheat (amongst other grains) has changed beyond recognition and why we need to wonder about this.

Anyway I digress.......My absolute favourite loaf of the moment is a multigrain sourdough that has the same amount of soaked grains as flour. It sounds a little worthy maybe but I make it with all white flour but then add lots of soaked grains and seeds and this includes a lot of organic kibbled rye. It comes out from the oven with a wonderful caramel crust and a crumb that is moist and chewy and stays soft all week. Gorgeous and super good for you too.

OK, I cant take it any longer, the toaster is looking at me longingly and I know whats in the bread bin .........

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